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Disgusting Justin - The Story

'Disgusting Justin’ is hysterical story about a child who wants nothing more than to make his friends cry laughing, by being the most disgusting little kid ever.  His antics are only mildly funny to his friends, so he keeps upping the ante and becomes so gross that his capers backfire on him, making him sick and isolating him from his mates.


Disgusting Justin realises that being disgusting was not all it is cracked up to be as it took him away from his friends, so he decides to clean up his act and inadvertently learns how to make his friends laugh through slapstick humour / fails.

This book is unapologetically gross, made to make children cackle. If they were the ones buying books, they would buy this book, as it is written by my inner child for my son and children around the world. The book is designed to make reading fun so that kids are encouraged to want to read more, whilst simultaneously making unforgettable story time moments.

The book is brought to life by beautiful and hilarious illustrations from the brilliant mind of the amazingly talented Lesley Vamos.

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