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Meet Justin Frank

There is nothing more magical than sharing a moment with your children when you all laugh so uncontrollably that tears form in your eyes and roll down your cheeks.


My purpose is to create special memories of laughter that bonds parents and children through reading laugh out loud stories together.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them for you!

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My Story

Justin Frank is a British born Aussie, with a sense of humour that transcends both cultures. A proud family man with a young son Albie, who’s laughter has been the inspiration for writing his first book.


Justin is an up-and-coming children’s book author who just loves to write laugh out loud stories that make kids howl with laughter.  Having been a disgusting little child himself Justin watches with glee as Albie and his friends cackle at many of the same things which made Justin laugh with his friends as a kid.

With more 'fartastic' books on the horizon and a sequel planned as a junior fiction novel, the premise behind the Disgusting Justin character is something children can grow up through the ages with.


How can I help?

Available for book readings by appointment.

+61 451 137 786

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